Due to the unusual weather and the crop, more sunshine is needed. The upcoming schedule includes:

Sat July 21 8AM - 2PM
Wed July 26 8AM - 2PM

We are open for the season.
Come pick some fresh blueberries
Come pick some fresh Victoria blueberries Bring the kids and the ice cream bucket

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6283 Oldfield Road
Saanichton BC, V8M 1X7

Our farm specializes in blueberries. We feature six varieties of blueberries available in late June to mid-August (subject to the influences of Mother Nature). There are no sprays on our berries as lady bugs are used for pest control. Both U-Pick and ready-picked berries are available. 

Please call ahead to ensure that we are open, especially when it's wet and rainy. The answering machine (250-652-6768) is updated daily.

To avoid disappointment, don't forget to place an order for picked berries at 250-652-6768.


U-Pick Etiquette

A few things to note

  • Parking.

    Park your vehicle on the east side of the road, securely off the road.

  • Remember your containers.

    The most popular containers for picking berries are ice cream pails.

  • Choose plump, full blueberries that are gray-blue color.

    A berry with any hint of red or green isn't fully ripened and once picked, blueberries won't ripen any further.

  • Bring the kids but leave the family pet at home.

    Our farm is complete with our own farm animals. Our Muscovy ducks and ducklings are indifferent to our dogs, so they wouldn't know if they should be afraid of your pet.

  • Remember to eat before you come.

    Our berries are tempting to eat and no doubt are sampled while in the field. All berries should be picked, paid for and then eaten.

  • Don't forget the cash.

    As a seasonal operation, it's cash and carry at our farm. The closest bank machine is located in the Peninsula Co-op on Keating Cross Road.

  • Come early and beat the heat.

    We start the day early and end around noon. It's much easier to pick early morning when it's cooler. This leaves the afternoon free to make jam and jelly or freeze the berries.